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2124 NW 8th Ct. (Right Brick House)

2 Bed 2 Bath    1,420 SF plus 200 SF Sun Room This Jewel is located near Ward’s Supermarket just off NW 23rd Ave. and NW 6th St. Towards the end of a cul-de-sac in a quiet family neighborhood sit 2 red brick houses with old world charm. It was moved in the late 50’s from the middle ... More

2124-A NW 8th Ct. Mother in Law House

2124-A NW 8th Ct.   Mother in Law House First floor 450 SF, Plus 250 SF 2nd Floor In back of the Right Brick House (2124) barely noticeable from the street sits the cutest little gingerbread house. It is a 2 story Bungalow with living room, small kitchen with gas stove, sitting room, bath with small ... More

2114 NW 8th Court

2114 NW 8th Court 2 Bed 2 Bath    1500 SF plus 200 SF front porch This gem is located between Lucky's Market and Wards Supermarket just off NW 23rd Ave. and NW 6th St. Towards the end of a cul-de-sac in a quiet, family neighborhood sits a red brick house with old world charm. It was moved in the late 50's ... More

408 N.W 4th St 3 Br. 2 Ba.

408 NW 4th St. 3.5 BR. 2 Ba.  $1,360 Beautiful historic home situated close to the University and walking distance from downtown.  This craftsman style home was built in 1923 and has been fully remodeled. Care was taken to maintain the historic architectural style with wide baseboards and trim and refinished, original, ... More

534 N.W. 2nd St. 32601

Studio, 400 Square Feet |  A brick walkway leads you to this modern historic studio house. The 12 ft. ceilings and fixed glass on each end of the house let great light in.The entire house is covered in ceramic tile. The bathroom and counters are fully tiled. The front porch and swing rest under a gigantic oak ... More