227 N.W. 7th Ave


2 Bed Rooms, 1 Bath Room, 650 Square Feet |
You have great biking access to the center of Gainesville without spending a fortune. The walls are as is so if you want to paint them go ahead if you don’t no problem. Notice the Heart Pine wood floor (229 only). The house has a gas oven and wall heater. The House has a large shared front porch, and tin roof  and small separate back porches. The front porch is awesome for soaking up the neighborhood and the back porch is fantastic when you want to enjoy the solitude of a rather large fenced in yard, that often goes un-moved.

The layout of both places is basically considered a shotgun. As soon as you walk in you enter a large hallway that people often store bikes, set up a desk, shelves, etc.

The front bedroom usually acts like a living room, the other room is typically the bedroom.  I typically do not rent these places to more than 1 person. Please read the lease for terms and conditions if you would like for me to rent to two people..

There is no insulation anywhere in the house and the windows leak.  There is a window unit in the bedroom which we do not maintain. If you want to supply a window unit we will install if requested, they are super cheap and typically no one takes care of them…

I would like to think that we take care of our houses and we do a nice job of making them sweet. 227 is the exception. 227 has a decent bath, a tank-less water heater that NEVER runs out of hot water, new toilet, tile floor and shower etc. the frig is new, the gas oven is nice, the gas heater cranks, the wood floors are painted, really nice ceiling fans, but all in all the place is kinda, excuse me, a dump, comparatively speaking.

The doors are janky, the windows are janky, the floors are crooked, the cabinets aren’t nice. But hey, for the money 227, is a steal. For money, to be able to live alone on a shoe string, it can’t be beat. A phd student lived there for his entire dissertation and loved it, it is what you make of it. But it is going to be cold in the winter and hot in the summer and drafty year around. You see, it’s not that I neglect this place, if it needs something I take care of it, but the problem is the place needs to be gutted, re-framed and re-worked from the bottom up, which is a lot of money and time and I am not going to half ass any of it in the meantime. Every year there is someone that thinks the place is a killer find for the money, and I can’t say I blame them.

This is an Electric Car Charging rental home in Gainesville!  We have provided electric car charging outlet, NEMA 14-50 for this home.