220 N.W. 7th Ave

2 Bed Rooms, Den, 2 Bath Rooms, 1908 Square Foot  (Leased through July 2021, NOT Available)
Please notice the gingerbread banister and the custom handrail which is enclosing the 220 sq. ft. porch. You are sure to enjoy relaxing under the ceiling fan while sitting on top of the decking made from 100% recycled milk jugs. As you open the door you’ll notice the end-grain Long Leaf Heart Pine tiles which were recycled from homes in the neighborhood. As you walk down the hall and over the herring boned oak wood flooring we hope you will enjoy the knot that we painstakingly layed is reclaimed antique Long Leaf Pine from the Goodwins mill. Directly above the knot in the center of the house you will find… See More