We hope our virtual property tour will help ease the stress of finding a new home. Here you will find pictures and answers to some of the usual questions people ask when looking for a new house or apartment to rent. Click on the house icon to take you to the Tour Introduction Page, where you can begin viewing the houses and apartments for rent.


Happy Family

We like to receive applications from people with a progressive political outlook. We like to rent to people who are sensitive to the people's movement of being a good community citizen. We are trying to offer reasonably-priced housing to people who care about their environment and the politic, locally and globally.





A community is a group of interacting organisms sharing an environment. In human communities, intent, belief, resources, preferences, needs, risks, and a number of other conditions may be present and common, affecting the identity of the participants and their degree of cohesiveness. Social capitol has been waning in America for the last few decades; it is up to the individual to extend oneself and make connections.


Want to Ride Your Bicycle, Want to Ride Your Bike?


The Pleasant Street neighborhood in general is conducive to the bicyclist. There are sidewalks, one-way streets with speed bumps, and you are close to everything in Gainesville. Grocery stores (Citizen's Co-Op, Publix, Mother Earth Health Foods) are all nearby. Every Wednesday at 4:00 p.m., the downtown Farmers' Market is the place to go for local, seasonal produce. Eateries, nightlife, Gainesville/Alachua County services, the Downtown Plaza, and the public library are a stone's throw away. There are three bike shops that surround the neighborhood. The Rails-to-Trails Bike Path can be picked up just south of downtown and ridden through Payne's Prairie all the way to Hawthorne (approximately 20 miles through scenic rustic, wooded and wetland areas) without the worry of getting struck down by a motorist. The Five houses, 533, and 535 share a fancy tin-roofed bike rack for your bicycle storage needs.
One of the reasons living in downtown Gainesville is so awesome is that you don't really need a car.

Pet policy

A frequent question is, "What is your pet policy?" First, you should know that there is usually a $200.00 non-refundable pet fee for dogs. Second, all animals must be fixed and have their requisite shots. Third, we do not allow any dogs that are destructively spastic, chronic howlers, or biters. Indoor cats are a case by case basis. We have been having a problem with people feeding the cats outside. This becomes a buffet for possums and racoons. I caught over 30 in one year, in one place, I'm not kidding.

Local Co-Op grocery

Pleasant Street is just a few minute bike ride from our local, member-owned grocery store, which specializes in being local, organic, fair trade and a fair work place. Members and volunteers get a 5% discount. Check it.

Environment/Eco Policy

Beginning 2010, we have started to phase in the use of low VOC and no VOC paints and floor finishes. What this means to a resident is that their home doesn't reek of paint fumes for a month after they move in. We are also dedicated to replacing the existing gas water heaters as they retire themseves to energy star tankless water heaters. A tankless waterheater heats water only when it is in use, which saves a nice sum of money at the end of the year for the utility customer. We also replace all of our screw in bulbs with compact fluorescent. We are constantly looking for ways to lessen our impact and improve our environmental awareness and pertaining policies. To be continued.....


Cigarette Smoking Policy

We DO NOT want people that smoke cigarettes to live in our homes. When people smoke cigarettes inside the houses, it makes the fixtures and paint turn yellow, ruins the blinds, and leaves the place an ashtray. Please do not apply if you are a smoker. Sorry, I know it's a tough habit.


The Management

We take pride in the houses that we manage. If there is something that needs attention, we will want you to please inform the property manager so the problem doesn’t get worse. The full-time property manager who handles the maintenance and management of the properties lives in the neighborhood. His name is Jason. (Be patient with him during the application process because his plate is usually super full around this time of year)

The Hood

The Pleasant Street historic district (32601) is located in the northwest corner of downtown. It's about 3/4 of a mile from UF which is approximately a 5 min. bike ride. The Santa Fe downtown center is actually located in the neighborhood. We’re also a short, sobering walk from Gainesville's downtown. Pleasant Street's very own city commissioner, Thomas Hawkins created www.pleasantstreetneighborhood.com, you can download the historic walking tour brochure or just read a brief history of Pleasant Street.



gruElectric, gas, trash, sewer and water are all all billed by GRU to the resident. You can call GRU and ask them what the average utility bill is of the home you are interested in. (There is a shared internet plan at the 5 houses.)


Rent Application/Lease

You may download a rental application (.rtf or .pdf). There is a $5 application fee (Checks payable to: Jason Straw). We really like for people to tell us a little about themselves on the back of the application. A few lines go a long way. You may also download a copy of the lease and operating policy (RTFor .doc) so you know what you are getting yourself into, please pay special attention to the operating policy. Please be aware that we DO NOT show the homes until we receive and review the application. We do this so we don't tour people who have no chance of approval through the homes of current residents in respect for their privacy. Please either drop off the application in the mailbox or mail it to 518 n.w. 2nd st. 32601. Thank you.


First thing first....

f you would like to have a tour, I require your application FIRST. So the first thing to do unless you have questions is get me your application. We will not show you any homes until you have been vetted. You can drop it in my mailbox or send it postal mail. It's not a bad idea to send an email to let me know that you are applying and to ask me any questions that aren't answered by the site or the lease. (People abroad can email the application) The application should consist of one form, a photo copy of your ID and a $5 fee per person. So please, #1 read the site, #2 read the lease, and #3 get me your application with a copy of your I.D. Then feel free to do a follow up call a day or so after I get your application. Thank You!



Please use E-mail (have you read the front page?), it is the best way to correspond with us. Thanks! (jasonstrawwoodworker at gmail dott com)

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